About IJS Publishing Group

IJS Publishing Group is a scientific publishing house established in 2003 with the launch of the International Journal of Surgery.  Since then it has launched IJS Case Reports in 2010.  There are now 10 journals in the portfolio and a number of other resources.

Key achievements:

  1. IJS increased its impact factor to 15.3 for 2022.
  2. IJS Case Reports is the largest surgical case reports journal in the world and was Elsevier’s first open access journal.
  3. The first dedicated surgical protocols journal – IJS Protocols.
  4. The first journal publishing negative results in surgery – IJS Short Reports.
  5. The first dedicated Orthoplastic Surgery journal – Orthoplastic Surgery.
  6. Over 30,000 authors have placed their trust in us by submitting to our journals.
  7. 0.3% of all articles published by Elsevier in 2016 (420,000).
  8. 5% of all open access articles published by Elsevier in 2016 (20,000).
  9. 20,000 papers published, all now open access. Many of which have made the news.
  10. Over 30 million full text downloads to date.
  11. 0.2% of Elsevier downloads in 2015 (1.13bn on SD).
  12. IJS Publishing Group also launched the first truly comprehensive global research registry for 15 years in 2015 with the Research Registry®, which has now registered over 5,000 studies involving 30 million patients from over 100 countries.

IJS Publishing Group or its staff have an active membership of the organisations below.  You can read more about our vision, our history and our commitment to corporate responsibility.


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